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Simba CI is a hard working ,loving and passionate musician who grew up in the dusty township of Sizinda, Bulawayo. His music journey begun from the age of 4 and the spirit of music never left him. A self -taught musician, guitarist, singer-songwriter has had adventures in different continents, changing the world in the best way he knows how to. Simba CI loves children and has worked with different charities in and out of the beautiful continent of Africa…to name but a few. Y.O.C.I.C, Bulawayo, an organisation that works with different children who comes from disadvantaged communities and provide psycho-social support.
His role in the music therapy segment was to put the children in a mood of joy and upliftment. He has travelled across the continent facilitating the importance of life and living positively to HIV-affected families ..and as he loves to say  “changing the world one chord a time”- Simba CI has had the opportunity to share the stage with legendary musicians like Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Oliver Mtukudzi,Bekezela Nkomo, Vusi Nova, Ntando, Something Soweto, Kelly Khumalo, 047, Zodwa Mabhena, Azha Band and his journey has just begun.

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SIMBA CI in collaboration with Benjamin Branzko and a session band held an number of concerts around Germany and a number of shengen states like Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and more as the Simba CI brand grows, he is embarking on a bigger and more versatile tour in 2018- telling His story through his music and look out for his new music.

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