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Simba CI is a passionate musician who grew up in the dusty township of Sizinda in the second biggest city of Zimbabwe Bulawayo. His musical journey begun from the age of  five  where  the spirit of music never left him,raised Catholic and sung in the church youth choir and his vocal abilities qualified him in the senior choir,which lead to him captaining his high school choir that went on to record his first ever studio project with the school (Ihlathi high school) Bulawayo in the early 2000’s. A self -taught musician, guitarist, singer-songwriter who has had adventures in different continents, changing the world  the best way he knows how. Simba CI’s love for children found him working  with different charities in and out of the beautiful continent of Africa like Y.O.C.I.C, Bulawayo Zimbabwe, a Charity  organisation that works with children who come from disadvantaged communities ,  where he used his musical talents in the provision of  psycho-social support,  after migrating to South Africa  he partnered with the Tshwane Leadership foundation T.L.F a christian South African based N.P.O,  where his duties involed,music therapy ,Praise and worshing ,and outreach programs working with children in the mixed communities of Slavokop, Pretoria.

Over the past years Simba CI has had the opportunity to travel across the continents facilitating the importance of life and living positively and pursuing what you love above all representing the motherland Africa for its true identity, and as he loves to say  “changing the world one chord a time”- with his hard working  ethics he has had the opportunity to share the stage with legendary musicians across the Continents  like Yvonne Chaka Chaka(South Africa),Bella Charlie (Zimbabwe) Oliver Mtukudzi (Zimbabwe) ,Bekezela Nkomo (Zimbabwe), Vusi Nova(South Africa) Papy Nsenga (DR Congo) , Ntando Bangani (South Africa), Zodwa Mabhena(South Africa) Maru (Botswana), Azha Band (South Africa),Benjamin Branzko (Germany), Lin Morre (Slovenia) Berita(Zimbabwe) Deon Made Men (Germany) Bebe lueki (France) Shingirirai Mavima (Zimbabwe/USA) Jon Delinger (Zimbabwe) Lynol Siwela to mention but a few and his journey has just begun.

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Letter to Luisa-Simba CI ft Jon Delinger

Dedicated to Laura Luisa Jarr ,composed and performed live on her wedding ceremony on the 4th June 2017,to Daniel Jarr,(Simba Ci’s hearted friends) ,which later became a single from the changing chords album,the music video was shot in Hamburg Germany. #letter_to_luisa #changing_chords

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